Three Islands

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03 Jun
Three Islands

The Three Islands or Üç Adalar in Turkish is one of the special diving centres across Tekirova in Kemer

that is of a high standard. Divers, keen to discover the treasures of the sea, flock to this area. Three Islands offers a wealth of diving opportunities. There are four small islands known as Martı, Mağara, Piknik and Küçük Ada. What make them special are their unspoilt natural beauty and criteria that meet world standards. The Münfesih SG 120 was decommissioned by the Turkish Navy and recently sunk in the region to form an artificial reef.
Many species of fish and large stingrays can be found in the canyon. Three Islands is also ideal for divers wanting to explore subterranean caves. There, divers can encounter large shoals of tuna in August and September and even come across the endangered Mediterranean monk seals that are under protection. This area is also popular for night photography and larger shoots. Dolphins will greet you at any moment after you reach the end of your 30 minute trip.

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