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Paris II Wreck

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06 Jun
Paris II Wreck

This diving spot can be easily reached from the Kemer Yacht Harbour within about 7 minutes

It is the best known diving spot among foreigners in the region. The wreck lies at a depth of 21-31 metres on a sandy surface. The French wreck Paris II is said to appear as if it is almost floating on the surface of the ocean. It sank to the ground in September 1917 through artillery fire by a small Turkish battalion located at Koca Burun Hill that was under the command of Artillery Lieutenant Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker.
Before the war the Paris II was built as a fishing boat which was layer converted into a military ship. The length of the boat was 65 metres and its width was 14 metres. The wreck captures the sunlight and has become covered with colourful corals and sponges over time. It not only captures, but reflects the sunlight resulting in a splendid visual display. This is no doubt a highly enticing call for divers.
Recognised among the 50 best diving locations in the world, the Paris II wreck has a very interesting story. After the ship began to sink, 25 Turkish soldiers under the command of a young lieutenant came running to the help of the French sailors and saved their lives by taking them ashore. They shared their dry clothes, their food which was sparse because of the war conditions and treated the French sailors as their guests. The French sailors, who were far away from home and were going through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives, were highly moved by this gesture. The young lieutenant Mustafa Ertuğrul based his principles on universal human values and became very good friends with the captain of the French ship Ronnin. The French captain Major Ronnin gave his dog as a present to the Turkish lieutenant as a keepsake of their friendship and returned to his country. He would go on to report his experience to his superiors and spoke with praise about this Turkish lieutenant. This story of Paris II was verified by fairly recent documented evidence. This moving story could provide the perfect theme for a novel.
In light of the magical atmosphere of this anecdote, the area offers a lively visual display of moray eels, black scorpionfish, crayfish and dusky groupers. In addition, a large steam boiler sits in the middle of the wreck in all its glory along with large amounts of coal briquettes scattered around the wreckage. Divers are likely to see a lot of shells. This diving location was only recently discovered and is suitable for certified and experienced divers.