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Kirish Cave Bay

This bay is safely protected by the rocks from waves and winds. It takes about 15 minutes to reach this place from the port Kemer-Marina.

The maximum depth here is 18 meters. This dive site is suitable both for beginners and professional divers.

This bay takes its name from the name of two caves which are located here at the coast. Both of them are half-filled with sea water. To the divers delight here are a lot of underwater caves as well.

The bottom of the Kirish Cave Bay is covered with sand, gravel and rock fragments. Here you can meet black-eyed and yellow-eyed fish, barracudas, stonefish, morays and such marine animals as crabs, starfish, sea urchins, shrimpsand octopuses.

While swimming in the sea you can safely feed the fish which can be the perfect subject for the photography.

Non-diving guests can take sunbathe on the rocks and even see the wild mountain goats which live in this area.

Diving Spots

The Wreck "Paris"

The Plane


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