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The Wreck "Paris"

It takes 7 minutes to reach this wreck from the harbour.

Now the ship lies on the sandy bottom at the depth of 21-31 meters.

History tells us that the ship “Paris” was shot in 1917 by a small army under the command of Mustafa Ertugrul. This ship got about 10 damages which you can see while diving.

The length of the ship is 65 meters, the width is 14 meters. “Paris” lies under the water for a long time and is covered by a variety of marine plants. The ship is a home to moray eels and scorpionfish.

The ship was built in the early 20th century and worked by a steam engine. A large amount of charcoal and bomb shells which can still be seen here under water indicating that the ship “Paris” was in a state of combat during the First World War.

To this wreck can dive only certified divers.

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The Wreck "Paris"

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