Aquarium Bay

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08 Jun
Aquarium Bay

This bay is among Kemer’s best liked diving spots and is ideal for beginning divers. 

 The Aquarium Bay is approximately 18 minutes from the Kemer Yacht Harbour. It can only be reached by sea. The bay is surrounded by steep cliffs and pine forests, which also has a beautiful pebble beach. The beach is sheltered from the wind and waves and is highly suitable for dives at all depths. It is possible to come across red mullets, bogues, sea breams, grey mullets, chromis, salema porgy, lapins, groupers, octopi, sea urchins, starfishes, as well as barracuda, calamari and stingrays. The deepest point of the bay is 12 metres. The sea floor consists of gravel and sand which varies from place to place. Also it is possible to swim between large rocks covered with colourfulsponges and corals, and even to feed the fish by hand. As the name implies, the bay will offerdivers immense satisfaction.

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